About Reinigeadal

Reinigeadal 197612

Reinigeadal (Rhenigidale) is famed as being the last village in the UK to be connected into the national road network back in 1990. Sadly, although the road has helped the population recover, the dwindling number of children meant the school closed in 1989. The building now provides comfortable, yet affordable self-catering with fantastic views across The Minch towards the Isle of Skye and mountains of the Scottish mainland.

Shiants 198

The Shiant Isles

There is plenty of wildlife to see around the village. Both Golden and White-tailed (Sea) Eagles nest in the area, red deer and mountain hare inhabit the high hills, and – if you are lucky – you may even catch a glimpse of the elusive otter out on the shore at dawn or dusk.


Aurora Borealis on Harris

The absence of street lights in the village make for some of the darkest skies in Europe so when there is solar activity and weather conditions allow, you can sometime see the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) on clear moonless nights.


Rhenig Horiz

Panorama of the village today